Nettie Dick Collection
We have an archive collection of images compiled by Nettie Dick of the DTTA mostly regarding early visits between Dunfermline and Trondheim. We do not have information about many of the images, so if you can help please contact us. The collection includes the following.
1946 visit to Dunfermline
1948 trip to Trondheim
1964 visit to Dunfermline
1966 trip to Trondheim
1967 visit to Dunfermline
1968 visit to Dunfermline
1970 trip to Trondheim
1972 visit to Dunfermline
25th Anniversary of the Bond of Friendship
Adoption of Trondheim by Dunfermline
Trondheim Lunch Club
Other (year unknown)
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May 2003
Visit by Trondheim to Dunfermline to celebrate the twinning link in song in a concert by the Norwegian visitors
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June 2003
Visit by the Bispehaugen Skolekorps Band from Trondheim
Civic Week Parade and Glen Peformance 21 June
Trondheim Parkway Parade 24 June
Concert at Glen Gates 27 June
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Visit of HNoMS Trondheim to Scotland
The site has photos of the ship but the date is unknown although it is believed to be prior to 2006, because on 17 March 2006 Trondheim ran aground off Lines island in Sør-Trøndelag. No injuries among the 121-man crew were reported. When the ship came loose water flooded two compartments. The compartments were sealed and the frigate was towed to port in Bergen. HNoMS Trondheim was used after decommissioning as a target ship, and on 5 June 2013 was severely damaged in a missile test off the coast of the island Andøya.
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August 2007
Visit to Dunfermline and Bond of Friendship Civic Reception
The Bond of Friendship was signed at Dunfermline’s Regal Cinema in May 1945 and taken to Norway on HMS Mackay. The special reciprocal gift, brought to Dunfermline in 1946 by the first party of young people from Trondheim to mark the Bond of Friendship, is a framed, inscribed representation of Trondheim's coat-of arms. This was displayed at the Dunfermline Youth Centres for about 30 years, until it disappeared. The framed document was rediscovered in 2006 and handed over to the Provost, Frances Melville at a Civic Reception for visitors from Trondheim on August 28th, 2007. Facsimiles of the Bond of Friendship were also presented to Dunfermline Central Library and Abbot House. The Association is grateful to Fife Council for displaying the Bond of Friendship in the Council Chamber at the City Chambers in Dunfermline, also to the Central Library, for displaying their facsimile near the Local History Department and to Dunfermline Heritage Trust for plans to display their document in the near future.
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October 2009
Visit to Dunfermline and the 'Bond of Friendship' Book Launch
(with visitors from Trondheim Youth Council)
TRONDHEIM’S youth mayor, Vilde Aarethun, fellow members of the Norwegian city’s youth council and a party of young folk fiddlers crossed the North Sea in the footsteps of the pioneering ambassadors of the mid-1940s – and pledged to keep alight the flames of friendship of Europe’s oldest twinning link. The youth ambassadors visited Dunfermline to celebrate the launch of a new book. “A Bond of Friendship,” by Lillian King, which tells the story of the link between the ancient capitals of Scotland and Norway - in tribute to Nettie B.T. Dick, late youth organiser of the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust, who received Norway’s highest award for foreign nationals for her work in nurturing the link between Trondheim and Dunfermline. The book was commissioned by Dunfermline-Trondheim Twinning Association and published by Windfall Books, 2 Railway Cottages, Westcroft Way, Kelty KY4 0AT, from whom copies are available priced £12.50 (plus £1.50 P&P). The book project and visit were facilitated by the Association’s Gifford Lind, who acknowledged the generous support of the publication by Fife Council. Author Lillian King hoped the young people of today would be sufficiently inspired by what their pioneering forebears had achieved to “pick up that torch and carry on with it.”.
The book launch was held at the Keavil House Hotel, Dunfermline on October 30th 2009. Entertainment at the book launch was provided by the Norwegian fiddlers, who were visiting the Dunfermline Folk Club. Vilde Aarethun (Youth Mayor of Trondheim), Gjertrud Langaas (Depute Youth Mayor), Olavus Udbye, Sigurd Harby, Bente Resell Krogstad (Trondheim Mayor's Secretary and consultant to the Trondheim Youth Council), and May-Iren Skamfer Evenmo (Co-ordinator of Trondheim Youth Council), also attended the book launch. Free copies of the book have been sent to local schools, councillors and friends in Trondheim. Catherine Stihler MEP passed a copy of the book to the Mayor of Trondheim during her visit to Trondheim in 2009.
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August 2011
Visit to Dunfermline as part of EU funded Youth Democracy Project for young people to strengthen ties
Over the last year the DTTA has been collaborating with St Columba’s RC High School, Trondheim Kommune, and Sor Trondelag County Council on an EU funded Youth Democracy Project Ken Mair - Jor Mair. Eight young people from Dunfermline have been working with eight young people from Trondheim to develop the active participation of young people in decision making about their own community.
The Democracy Project has 4 stages:
Planning. In August 2010 Tina Melville from St Columba’s HS and Gifford Lind from DTTA went to Trondheim with young people from Dunfermline to meet with young people and representatives from Trondheim Kommune, and Sor Trondelag County Council to prepare a proposal for submission to the EU for funding for a Democracy Project.
Visit to Dunfermline. Eight Norwegian young people and representatives from Trondheim Kommune, and Sor Trondelag County Council visited Dunfermline in August 2011. There was a full programme of meetings with Councillors, a visit to the Scottish Parliament to meet Jim Parks MSP, working meetings to discuss ‘democracy issues’ in the two cities and formulate Action Plans, as well as participation in events such as Culross Raft Race and the Townhill Gala.
Visit to Trondheim. The membership of the Scottish group had changed to include participants from Queen Anne and Woodmill High Schools as well as St Columba’s by the time a party from Dunfermline visited Trondheim in October 2011. Again the group worked hard during meetings to finalise the Action Plans for the Dunfermline and Trondheim groups. The visitors also took part in cultural and social activities and met with Councillors in Trondheim.
Visit to Dunfermline by Norwegian young people and preparation of Final Report for EU in August 2012.
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October 2011
Visit to Trondheim by Dunfermline Youth as part of Democracy Project above
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May 2012
Visit to Trondheim
The DTTA was invited to join the St. Andrews Society members in the annual Constitution Day Parade through Trondheim on May 17th 2012. The DTTA accepted the invitation and the visiting party was a small group of 5 people. As a result of contacts made it is hoped that a party of Lade Seniors from Trondheim will visit Dunfermline this year. The members of the group would like to improve their English during their visit. Another part of the trip was making a link with the Lade Kirk, a very old church in Trondheim. A meeting was arranged with a retired minister and the group also met a member of the Lade Seniors group. Email addresses were exchanged and it is hoped that a tentative link has been established.
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August 2012
Visit to Dunfermline to Complete EU Democracy Project

The Democracy Project, which was EU funded, involved young people from Dunfermline and Trondheim working together to explore the involvement of young people in Democracy in Norway and Scotland. The project is now complete apart from some winding up of the finances. The project was very successful and beneficial for the participants. During the August 2012 visit by young people from Trondheim, the Democracy project group took a stall at the Pitreavie Gala as part of sharing the project with people from Dunfermline.
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May 2014
Visit to Dunfermline by the Nøkken Mannskor Choir from Trondheim
The Choir, with friends and partners, arrived in Dunfermline on Tuesday May 27th. They performed in the Kingsgate Shopping Centre and attended a Civic Reception hosted by the Provost Jim Leishman at the City Chambers the following morning. During the afternoon a group from the Choir visited Pitreavie Primary School. In the evening the Choir members spent a convivial evening at the Dunfermline Folk Club.
On Thursday May 29th the Choir gave a concert for the Abbeyview Friendship Circle at St Ninian’s Church. In the evening there was a superb concert in Dunfermline Abbey at which the Choir were joined in their performance by Gifford Lind. The post-concert party was held at Keavil House Hotel where the Choir were staying.
On Friday May 30th the Choir travelled to Edinburgh to prepare for their recitals at St Giles Cathedral and Edinburgh Castle. For the Choir members one of the highlights of their visit was their moving recital at the Norwegian War Memorial Stone in Princes Street gardens. After a Scottish Evening the Choir returned to Trondheim on Sunday June 1st
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May 2015
Visit to Trondheim to Celebrate 70th Anniversary of the Signing of the Bond of Friendship
2015 was the 70th Anniversary of the Signing of the Bond of Friendship between the youth of Dunfermline and the youth of Trondheim. To celebrate 70 years of friendship a group from Dunfermline visited Trondheim in May 2015.
The original Bond of Friendship was taken to Trondheim aboard the HMS McKay and presented to the Mayor of Trondheim by Captain Phipps RN on May 16th 1945. This event was re-enacted in Trondheim on May 16th 2015 in the presence of the Mayor of Trondheim, the Provost of Fife, a Civic party from Dunfermline, young people from Dunfermline and Trondheim , members of the Dunfermline-Trondheim Twinning Association, veterans, people from Dunfermline and friends and representatives from Trondheim. A renewal of the Bond of Friendship and letters of intent for future friendship events was signed at a reception hosted by the Mayor of Trondheim.
The Scottish visitors took part in the Constitution Day Parade through Trondheim on 17 May and carried a banner about the Bond of Friendship. There was a program of events to celebrate the anniversary. During the weekend the visitors from Dunfermline met up with friends made during previous twinning events. Some members of the group were there to establish new cultural links between the two cities. New friendships were formed and exciting plans were made for the future
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August 2016
Visit to Dunfermline by Youth from Trondheim
A group of 10 Trondheim young people and 2 adults visited Dunfermline in August 2016, which was the anniversary of the 1946 visit to Dunfermline by young people from Trondheim. It was a very successful and friendly visit. DTTA is grateful to Youth Service for helping to organise a programme for the visitors and to Fife Council for holding a Civic Reception and Ceilidh for them. There was also a very successful social evening for the young people from Norway and Dunfermline at Gifford Lind’s house.
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June 2017
Visit to Dunfermline
On Wednesday 21st June there was a visit to Dunfermline by a group of 20 people from Trondheim. They were spending a week touring in Scotland, and felt they had to include Dunfermline in their programme. The Dunfermline Trondheim Twinning Association arranged events for them. At 12.30pm there was a Civic Reception in the City Chambers hosted by the Lord Provost, Jim Leishman and Cllr Helen Law. This was attended by local councillors, members and supporters of the DTTA and pupils from Queen Anne HS. During the afternoon the group went on a sightseeing tour in the Dunfermline area. This was followed by a buffet meal and social evening at Fire Station Creative. Unfortunately delays in their schedule in the morning did not allow the visitors to see the new Dunfermline Carnegie Museum and Galleries.
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